"My husband is already asking when I'll do another book for him! I gave this album to my husband as an anniversary gift (I ran out of time to do it before our wedding). Ron was great--very communicative and helpful leading up to the photo shoot, and supper supportive and patient during. Prior, he suggested I put together a Dropbox of the style of pics and recommended I bring a friend to help feel more comfortable (such a great suggestion!). He also helped me decide what venue was best to take these pics. Ron has such a great eye for where and how to take photos. I was a little anxious going into the photo shoot, but his patience and coaching fully put me at ease. The end product was absolutely gorgeous--I hate to say it, but these photos are almost as much for me as they are for my husband!" ~Anna R.

"Ron came highly recommended from three different friends who used him for their weddings or boudoir. Ron was able to schedule my photo shoot within the week. He also got me my book within the month since we decided to elope last minute. He booked my hair and makeup and Veritas Winery's bridal suite all within that same week. All I had to do was pack a bag and show up. He is the magic man!

Yes- It's strange to imagine introducing yourself to someone then moments later standing in front of them without your pants on but Ron makes you relax and comfortable. Ron creates a professional, friendly, honest environment; I would highly recommend him to anyone!" ~ Camille A.


"Thank you again for your amazing work in helping me create a boudoir album as a wedding gift for my husband. Michael was blown away and absolutely loved it! I can't thank you enough for being so incredible to work with - you were professional, fun and made me have a great time! I was amazed with the results and am forever grateful. Thank you again for helping make our wedding special with this unique gift!" ~ Ashley R.


"I loved working with Ron, he was organized, professional and such a calming presence on the day of. He knew exactly what he was doing and made me feel totally comfortable. I was under a bit of a deadline to get my pictures back and he worked with me and delivered just in time." ~ Jill M.


"Super fun experience! Great self-esteem booster and your partner will love it!" ~ Jessica M.


"Ron was, hands down, the best photographer I've ever worked with. This was my second boudoir photoshoot and he did an incredible job making me feel comfortable and really worked with me and the vision I had. The results were stunning and my boyfriend was blown away; I cannot wait to work with him again!" ~ Wella B


"I am so happy with everything. You are amazing at what you do. Not only that you're a great, fun guy! Couldn't of felt more comfortable. Thank you so much again." ~ Lo Matheny


"Ron was amazing to work with. He was helpful, encouraging and fun to work with from beginning to end. And his photographs are absolutely amazing! I am definitely no model but he made me feel beautiful and glamorous - and the photos show it! Ron is more than just a fantastic photographer; he provides an awesome experience." ~ Amber H.


"One of the best shoots I have ever done. It was natural and more fun than I could have ever expected. I had a blast and was even more impressed after seeing the photos. Thanks so much!" ~ Candice S.


"The boudoir photo session was a tremendous experience!! Going into it, I was nervous and excited at the same time. I wasn't sure what to expect. Ron put me at ease right away and the entire session was a lot of fun! Ron was professional, complimentary, and provided an awesome final product! The pictures themselves and the photo album exceeded my expectations - I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend Ron Dressel Photography for your boudoir session or any other photo needs!" ~ Michele M.


"Ron does an amazing job making his clients feel comfortable and look beautiful. My pictures turned out much better than I ever imagined they would which is a testament to his skill and willingness to listen to questions, concerns and feedback. I highly recommend Ron and his services!!" ~ Devin S.


"Ron did an amazing job taking my pictures. I was a bit timid to take such personal pictures for my husband with a photographer. Ron was nothing but professional and the pictures turned out amazing. Both my husband and I loved them!" ~Katie K.


After a crazy two years of getting married, having a little boy, and running a business, I really wanted to do something special for my husband and myself. With our two year anniversary coming up, I knew that a boudoir session would be a perfect gift for him and I. Choosing a photographer wasn't an issue because I have been admiring Ron's work for years and I knew that I could trust him to make me look my best. Too be honest, I was very nervous.. I kept telling Ron I didn't feel physically ready to do something so revealing but he assured me that the shoot would be great. He was right.. It was amazing. Ron met me at the hairstylists and immediately put me at ease. He set me up with a great stylist who not only made me feel beautiful, she had such a great spirit that her excitement was rubbing off on me. During the shoot, Ron directed me and coached me on what poses would look best for my curvy body type. He was extremely professional and just a lot of fun to work with. Ron was there from the beginning planning process through the final ordering of the book to give me his professional opinion on every decision and make it a fun experience. The images exceeded my expectations and I have never felt better about myself. Not to mention my husband was thrilled. I would recommend Ron to anyone looking for a great experience!! ~Britney B.



Dear Ron,


This "thank you" is very special. As you know, I originally contacted you for info on a boudoir photo session, full of nerves, and insecurities. I loved the idea of giving something like this to my husband for our 10 year anniversary, but being that I am 38 years old, and my body less firm than I was in my twenties...I was terrified. My body had been stretched out from pregnancy & child birth, and I also went through about 20 years of severe endometriosis, which was accompanied by multiple surgeries and scars. I suppose my worst fears of this process consisted of two big things...seeing myself in a way I never had, and...wearing my boudoir outfits in front of you (someone other than my husband). I have to eliminated both of my fears, and I can't thank you enough for that. Not only were my pictures absolutely stunning & artistic, but you were so patient, and easy going, that putting on those outfits, and posing in front of you (and camera), wasn't really a big deal. It was like wearing a bathing suit, or visiting a doctor. You have such a calming, professional manner about you, that it really made the shoot easier than I expected, and! You captured a side of me that I didn't even know I had..."sexy-pretty".


On my anniversary evening, after a lovely three course dinner, once back in our resort suite...I gave my gift to my husband. He slowly unwrapped the box, and pulled out the album. After seeing the very first page/pictures, his eyes swelled up with tears, and he looked at me, and simply said, "You are beautiful". After flipping through page after page of the album in silence, he finally said, "After 10 years of marriage, and being my best friend, I thought we had completely given ourselves to each other in every way...What an emotional surprise to see that you have found another way to give yourself to me, thank you."


I cant tell you how happy I am to have had this experience with you Ron and I have no regrets, and I'd do it all over again! Your photography skills are unmatched as far as I am concerned. You are so talented! My husband and I will reflect upon this album for many years to come.

Thank you for everything - it was an absolute pleasure.

-Margo R.



"Our experience with Ron was very comfortable. We don't take a lot of pictures so being in front of the camera was really uncomfortable for us, but Ron made us feel comfortable. He did my sisters wedding previously so we already knew him and now he feels like a part of the family. Being able to tell your photographer exactly how you feel is a great thing!"

-Bre & Jon


“Ron was fantastic! From the engagement session to the wedding, he delivered. Our engagement session was a little crazy having brought both of our dogs, but Ron was so calm that he developed some amazing shots that still hang around our house over a year later. The wedding was even better. He was so focused but still had fun with our entire wedding party. The shots came out amazing and we’ve had more compliments on our pictures than any other wedding detail. He excused us from dinner to take some sunset pictures. These have become some of our favorites! It’s hard to choose which ones we like the most. He was very attentive without interfering during the ceremony and reception and we are so happy with the turn out. Ron was able to capture our wedding to a tee and create some of the greatest picture memories we plan to cherish for years to come!”

- Erika & Gary


“Ron is awesome! He was so easy to work with, was very organized, and we couldn’t have been happier with our experience. He provided great advice while we were planning, so that we got all the photos of friends, family, and us that we wanted and still got to enjoy our wedding. He has a very calming presence, which is wonderful during the wedding planning and the day of! Would highly recommend him as your wedding photographer.”

- Mindy & Austin


“Ron’s part of the family now, that’s how amazing he is. He’s very professional and personable, I hate having pictures taken but during all 3 of the shoots (engagement, bridal and wedding day) he made us both feel so comfortable. Thank you!”

- Brooke & Austin




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