Boudoir Investment

Boudoir, pronounced bü-dwär, is a sultry, fun style of photography that helps express your playful personality and bring to life your inner sexy. Whether being done as part of a wedding package, as a gift for your significant other, or just something to do for yourself, you can’t help but feel confident and desirable in your own skin. Open to all shapes, sizes, comfort levels, etc., boudoir emphasizes the feeling of appreciation for your beauty and all you have to offer.

Having nearly 10 years experience with clients of all walks of life, I am able to personalize and approach each shoot differently. With the understanding and appreciation that everyone is an individual and every body is different, no two photoshoots are the same. I pride myself in my ability to make my clients feel comfortable and feel open to express themselves as they wish with no judgement.

Offering several customizable collections, option to include hair and makeup, and flexibility on shooting location, there are countless ways to personalize and make it your own. After your session is complete, the fun is not yet done. When possible, I prefer to schedule a viewing to go through your images and aide in selecting your favorites that can be used for an album or prints. Those images can also be accessed for viewing and ordering through a password protected gallery.